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Trigger Point Relief Nebraska
Trigger Point Client Success

I have had problems with my upper back for 40 years. I have tried chiropractic care and massage for years. Trigger Point Myotherapy has given me more relief from the pain in my upper back than I have ever had before. I would definitely recommend trying this therapy to relieve muscle pain and tension.

— D.K.

Christine has been integral part of my healing journey. She is very knowledgeable about trigger point therapy. I would highly recommend Trigger Point Myotherapy and am so grateful to Christine for all her guidance.

— K.R.

Trigger Point Client Success
Trigger Point Client Success

I am very thankful for Trigger Point Myotherapy. I came to Christine with Myofascial Pain Syndrome—doctors only recommended drugs… I couldn’t imagine living with the pain and weakness over my body—and using drugs for the rest of my life! After many treatments with trigger point therapy–and lots of stretching on my own–following all the instructions of Christine—I finally started to move! Now my pain level is very low and my strength is returning. Thank you, Christine!

— G.W.

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Christine is amazing! She takes the time to explain how and why things are happening within the body. She has a wealth of knowledge that is helpful and instructive. I am so glad I went and am looking forward to utilizing tools she gave me as well as my next scheduled appointment.

— Angela D.

Trigger Point Client Success
Trigger Point Client Success

I heard about Christine and I was a little apprehensive at first. But I wanted to give her a try. I have had hamstring issues which has made my workouts come to a halt. Christine really help get the knots out of my hamstring. The pain that was put on the muscles was worth it in the long run. Now my pain is almost gone. Went back for another treatment. Christine worked the muscles again and also in different areas. Now I can not wait to get back to working out. Christine is VERY passionate about her work and patients. Thanks for the relief and getting back to normal.

— Connie R.

I have had pain and lack of range of motion in my hip area for years. Christine has helped me tremendously. She is very thorough, conscientious, and professional. I highly recommend her.

— Diann B.

Trigger Point Client Success
Trigger Point Client Success

I have been a client of Christine Beckman ever since 2007 in Beatrice, Nebraska. She has always shown absolute professionalism but still manages to make you feel like a special friend. I have lived with chronic pain for 12 years and Chris has been a lifesaver. I receive trigger point therapy about every three weeks and it is the number one weapon in my fight against pain. When I started years ago, I was in intense pain and my muscles were as hard as a rock. I was taking pain pills and muscle relaxers just to get through the day. I am not saying that I never have pain but I know that if I stay on top of it with Trigger Point Therapy my life is improved richly and I am able to stay away from the medication. I would strongly urge anyone who suffers from chronic or acute pain to set up an appointment. You will find the relief you have been searching for.

— L.S.